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From 1700 to 1900 the world was expanding. Many countries took on a expansionism type known as imperialism. Countries such as England used the British East India Company to conquer parts of Asia. America used imperialism to spread their rule westward known as Manifest Destiny. They both used this tactic as migration. During these encounters many factors stayed the same but also differed in some ways. In the 19th century the Americas were finally free of British control and decided to spread their nation westward past the Appalachian mountains to the pacific ocean. These people who traveledImperialism from 1700 to 1900 were called pioneers exploring the frontier of America. Along the way they came across Native American civilizations and tribes. Although the Native Americans were welcoming the pioneers took advantage of them through their resources. They eventually lead to the endangerment of the buffalo. They depleted many other of their resources which caused the Native Americans and pioneers to attack one another. Battles such as Little Bighorn and the Wounded Knee massacre are just two known ones. The pioneers ended up killing off many of the natives which was known as the French and Indian war and although many Native Americans still survived those attacks to this day most of them are force to live on reservations. The Americans then started giving away land in the midwest that used to be owned by these tribes. The Homestead Act encouraged people to go out west and take land given by the government. The land was typically 100 plus acres. The British initially entered India in the 18th century with the East India Company with the sole thought of its trading and financial benefits. By the beginning of the 19th century however ulterior motives started to appear. The British were technically the ruling governors of India but before then had only been concerned with making money. Now however the British began trying to expand their territory and the idea of responsible trusteeship came about. The British along their conquests destroyed much of Indian culture and replaced it with their own. The British did however like the idea of the caste system in separating the people and so let that remain in tack to remain in control of the population. India became a major trade hub in Asia due to this. British rule also modernized India bring new technologies and such there known as cultural diffusion. And so the Natives had to stay on their reservations while America expanded. America continued their idea of Manifest Destiny all the way to the Pacific. As for the British the Indian culture was destroyed and changed to the British way of life.”

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