Importance of Accountabilty in the Military

Accountability is defined by answering or accounting for actions and It is something every leader should aspire to obtain and Accountability is easily talked about but can be very hard and uncomfortable to apply to You will rarely hear someone stating that they should be more accountable for their yet we do hear that from our peers and leaders on how we should take more accountability for our day to day actions and how they could eventually affect our In the Army it is extremely important to be accountable for self and their From the purposes of a squad leader it is always important to know where and what your soldiers are Prime case is if you notice that your soldier is not at accountability formation and they never have missed that formation before it would probably behoove you to try and get in contact with the Granted their tardiness most likely may be due to something as trivial as forgetting to turn on or wake up to their alarm or being stuck in traffic on slight chances it could be something terribly worse such as hospitalization or In my own experience I have seen a stellar soldier who one

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