Importance of Social Science in Our Lives

Importance of Social Science Here is a lot to be said for Although I am officially retired from teaching education courses at a fairly large public I have some ideas that might have resonance with people studying to be In my I taught many graduate curriculum courses in regular college classroom settings and on the The other including summer I taught an undergraduate course entitled Methods and Social Studies for Elementary and Middle I also taught the high school version of the same As part of these I discussed with my mainly young students why social studies is and what it is To be quite most of my students had no idea how to even begin to discuss this topic except to rely on old tried and true rhetoric such helps us be better or understanding the we can avoid making the same By no stretch of the imagination does such rhetoric hold good intentions Believe me when I say that I have read many of the statements by such organizations as the National Council for the Social Studies that describe why social studies is If those statements meant anything at all in the REAL our after more than four

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