In his book, Shakespearean Tragedy, A.C. Bradley

In his book, Shakespearean Tragedy, A.C. Bradley discusses at length the many great works of William Shakespeare. One such work is that of Othello. The story Othello is one of Shakespeares more intricate works. The basic plot is one a man betrayed by those who are supposed to be close to him but turn out to truly be vipers in wait to strike. Bradley suggests that Othellos tragic flaw s are the very things that make him a renowned fighter, leader, and man. Othellos character, by nature, is a very trusting and honest man. It is because of this trustfulness that Iago is able to take advantage of him. He plays on Othellos passion and quick temper, using them as his weapon of revenge. Likewise, Othellos romanticism blinds him. His love for his wife keeps him occupied while Iago sets his schemes into motion. Iago takes that love a contorts it, making Othello become wild and vengeful. He loves completely and he trusts completely and when the time comes he hates completely. The most dangerous part of Othellos character is his lack of hesitation. He thinks and then he acts, leaving little time between the two. This brings down Othello in the end. He acts too quickly and uses his emotions to guide him instead of logic and winds up being his own undoing. Bibliography Shakespeare: Othello- Bradley on Othello, …

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