In my class we have a group pr

In my class we have a group project and I have listed my sections below. The company we decided to do the research paper on is WALMART. The book that we are currently using is Organizational Behavior ISBN: 9780078029356 Organizational Behavior by Colquitt, JasonEdition: 3 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Please use additional referencesBackground InformationYou will have an opportunity to do an informal research project in whichyou will collect information from a variety of sources and relate what you discovered to key concepts in the course. The purpose of the course project is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of individual, group, and organizational mechanisms and how they affect both the organization and the individuals within it. The COMPREHENSIVE COURSE PROJECT (CCP) describes your experience using an organizational behavior audit as a guide for doing some informal research. The focus of your research is to determine how employees experience organizational life. Specifically, how individual, group, and organizational mechanisms impact their job satisfaction and commitment to the organization. Each group member is expected to interview two people with sufficient experience for the selected organization (most often this is an organization where a group member has worked or is currently working). 1. Identify strengths of the organization. Based on your understanding of organizational behavior and concepts from the textbook. (2 pages)2. Recommend changes. Identify at least 4 areas in which the organization could make changes to improve in the areas job performance or organizational commitment. Use column headings to clearly identify a broad organizational topic from the text and explain the current status, proposed change, and expected outcome(s) or the changes. (4 pages)3. Describe an implementation plan for the proposed changes including metrics ? Discuss (check for the help you need) how you would suggest their organizations implement the alternative(s) you selected to improve employee job performance and commitment. Include the measures you would use to determine the extent to which they were effective. (4 pages)4. Summary and conclusions ? Provide a concise summary and describe your conclusions. (1-2 pages)5. References ?Provide a list of references in APA format. (A minimum of 4 references is required..

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