In this assignment, you will w

In this assignment, you will write a five-paragraph persuasive essay to answerthe question, "Do video games help or harm young children?" As you prepareyour essay, think about the Unit Question, "Why is it important to play?"Use your ideas to make an outline for your essay.I. IntroductionA. Introductory ideas: _ _______ ____ ______ _ _B. Thesis statement: ____________________ _II. Main argument 1: ___________________ _ _A. Support 1: _______________________________________ ___B. Support2: ________________________________________ ~C. Support3: _______________________________________ ___III. Main argument 2: ___ ____________ _____ __A. Support 1: _ ______________________________________ ___B. Support2: _______________________________________ ___C. Support3: __________________________________________ _IV. Counterarguments and refutationsA. _______________ _ _ ________ _B. _______________________________________________ __C. ______________________________________________ ___V. ConclusionA. Concluding ideas (warning or prediction): ____ ______ _B. Summarize your arguments: _______________ _Example for helpThere is a cry of rage, and a tennis racket crashes to the ground.Jake, age 7, has just lost another match and is now in tears besidethe court. His sister Sally, just one year older, looks at her mother androlls her eyes: it is hard to enjoy winning when this keeps happening.It is not an unusual situation, and it is one reason why many peopleargue that competition is bad for children. Ho.wever, the truth isthat competitive games are a valuable preparation for adult life.2 Games with winners and losers give children the chance to experiencelife?s ups and downs. Take Jake, for example: even though he is unhappynow, he will probably be smiling and laughing with his sister in a fewminutes, just like the last time this happened. Gradually, he will learnthat the world does not end when you lose a game. Eventually, he mayeven be able to lose with a smile on his face. This is an importantles.son. Not everything in life goes the way you would like, and it isimportant to know how to handle disappointment when it occurs.3 Children who participate incompetitive games developqualities that will allow them tosucceed in the complex world ofadult life. For example, one of themissions of the Youth OlympicGames is to inspire young peopleto adopt the Olympic values, whichinclude striving, determination,and optimism. Competition createsthe desire to do better. Childrenhave to learn to succeed in acompetitive atmosphere in order to take advantage of opportunities inthe future. Although it is possible to win by chance occasionally, peoplewho win and keep winning work very hard to achieve their success.4 On the negative side, there are those who will say that competitionactually encourages some bad values, which does happen. It is common tosee sports competitions in which the desire to win has replaced the desireto have fun. You may even see very young children playing violently-likethe superstars they see on TV. While the bad behavior of young athletesis troubling, the problem is not the competition itself. In reality, the blamelies with the professional players who are bad role models for thesechildren. In fact, a recent study of young athletes by the School of PhysicalHealth Education at the University of Wyoming showed an improvementin mood after exercise; athletes were less depressed or tense.s Of course, there are parents who argue that children of Jake?s age aretoo young to handle the pain of losing. But whether we like it or not, adultlife is very competitive, and keeping children away from competition doesthem more harm than good. If children do not learn how to compete,they will be defeated by people who can. It is an unfortunate fact oflife: whether ten or a hundred people want the same job, there can beonly one winner. Wouldn?t you want your child to be that person?

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