Incarceration Alternatives

Please Agree or Disagree to the statement below using specific samples for four sources. One of the sources must be Probation, Parole and Community Corrections, by Champion ( 6th Edition ) , Chapters 3 and 6. Of course in any community the last thing anyone wants is the presence of ?jailbirds?. Sometimes the probationers and parolees take on their roles of criminals and do not let go, other times they try to rejoin society. This type of housing and reform program would be for these types of people, the types that want to better themselves. Objections that are expected to be raised are the fact that the there will be probationers and parolees in the heart of the community, which causes people to be uneasy. Another objection from the community is going to be cost. Who will be paying for the facility and programs, as well as the payment of the treatments and treatment suppliers? What will be the rules and regulations for the probationers and parolees? What will the zoning rules be like for the facility? Will there be curfews and loitering rules? Addressing these questions will be an on going task. Some of the basic questions will be easily answered, such as curfews for the probationers, zero tolerance policies for illegal activity, and financially the facility can be funded through federal grants, and tax credits. The maintenance and upkeep of the facility can be accomplished through labor by the probationers as part of their treatment. There are precautions that can be put into place such as the curfews and the maintenance, so the facility will continue to blend into the community ( no overgrown grass, graphite or broken windows ) Programs such as home confinement , shock treatment and boot camps can be the punishment so to speak for the probationers and parolees who violate the rules of the new community facility. Shock treatment and boot camps can be much more extreme than the facility will be, by restricting and monitoring the movements of the probationers and parolees.

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