increased demand for transportation facilities

increased demand for transportation facilitiesPaper instructions: In the last 20 years, many states when faced with increased demand for transportation facilities, have implemented novel congestion pricing strategies.These strategies include:*HOT lanes, *Express lanes, *Cordon Pricing, etc.For this project you are to conduct research, on congestion pricing strategies, in the USA.You are to select a congestion pricing facility, and research pricing, strategies in USA.You are to select a congestion pricing facility of your choice, and research the answer to the following questions:1. What type of pricing strategy is used on/by the facility? (Transportation charges for 2. Is the pricing dynamic or static? 3. How often is the price updated? 4. How is Value of Time (VOT) calculated for this facility? (Plot a graph) 6. What time of day is the price Highest? Lowest? 7. Develop a pricing scheme, which you believe will reduce travel time, for the facility. (Show your analysis, of why, this scheme will work.)Once you have chosen your research area, write a one page proposal on the area your choice and explain how you will go about this reasearch. Questions like: what area has any or all of the different strategies: Hov lanes; Hot lanes; Express lanes; and Condon pricing. Which will you choose, based on what is being used in you town or city? How would you charge for these travelling opportunities. How can it alleviate congestion, for your city or state, in the United States. These are only suggestions. Please use the requirements in your research. (The 7 Questions, listed)The course book used in our class, is: Textbooks 1.) Transportation-A Supply Chain Perspective (2011) 7th.Ed., Coyle, Novack, Gibson, Bardi (Required) ISBN 13-978-0-324-78919-5/ISBN-10-0-324-78919-X. South-Western Cengage Learning 2.) Designing and Managing the Supply Chain. Simchi-Levi (Optional) ISBN 0-07-249256-2, 2nd. Ed.Once a writer is selected I will send additional info :

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