Industry attractiveness

Industry attractivenessSelect two industries with which you are familiar and compare their attractiveness currently. How may the attractiveness of the industries be improved?750 words maximum-Where appropriate, your answers should be supported by examples and illustrations from your own organisation or an organisation with which you are familiar or have read about. The emphasis in your answers should be on the application of scholarly concepts, theories and models to the experience of managing people and organisations and answers to the questions set.? No appendices or attachments are allowed.? Full bibliographical references are not needed because you should not be providing any quotations from the work of any other author. Do not provide a bibliography. However, to acknowledge your sources and demonstrate that you have read widely for the module, you must provide the basic information in text about the sources of the principal concepts, theories and models that you apply, or the sources of important data to which you refer. Give the name of the author and the date of publication, for example, Grant (2010).? There should be a balance in your answers between theory and its application. Lengthy descriptions of organisations or situations, or lengthy summaries of models, concepts and theories are not appropriate, but detailed analysis is encouraged where appropriate.? For this purpose you need to choose a companies which is relatively well known and subject to press comment. Any companies listed on the London Stock exchange would fulfil this requirement. In preparation you are advised to consider the company in the light of the concepts which have been listed in the module outline. To assist with your preparation you should obtain company reports and accounts and press comments.

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