Information Technology Project Management

1. Read the case study ?Outsourcing ? Big Savings, Big Risks? (Marchewka, pp. 277) Describe the risks a company might face when outsourcing a component of an IT project to a foreign company. Then, choose a technological risk and non-technological risk that you believe are important. Explain why and answer question 1.2. Read the case study ?ERP and Change Management at Nestl?? (Marchewka, pp. 374-376) and respond to the following questions:? What, from a project management perspective, could Nestl? have done better in implementing SAP?? The primary lesson that Dunn says she gained from this project is ?No major software implementation is really about the software. It?s about change management.? Do you agree with her statement? Discuss why you agree or disagree.3. Describe an ethical dilemma that a project team member might face while being part of an IT project. Discuss how the project manager could aid in avoiding or resolving such a dilemma. Discuss where this dilemma falls within the PMI and ACM codes. What are the potential effects on the project should this go unresolved?TEXTBOOK: Information Technology Project Management, 4th EditionAuthor(s): Marchewka, Jack T.! :

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