Innocence Lost The short story written by

Innocence Lost The short story written by David Michael Kaplan, Doe Season is what I have chosen to analyze. Doe Season is about a young, innocent girl, named Andy who goes hunting with her father, his friend Charlie Spreun and his 11 year-old son Mac. At the beginning of the story she is praying that they will get a deer. Throughout the story, the narrator tells of Andys past experienes, like when she saw the ocean for the first time and was frightened. The narrator also mentions actual experiences she has within the hunting trip, like when Mac asks her if she has ever seen it (a penis). She is also disgusted when the young boy tells her that they sometimes cut the the deers it off when a process called hogdressing is being done (not realizing how cruel hunting can be). Once the opportunity comes for her to shoot a deer, she wishes it would run away and wonders why it does not. She shoots it, but it runs away. She cant believe what she did, and is unable to fall asleep. That night, she has a bazaar experience of the deer coming right up to her tent and allowing her to pet it. She sees the gaping wound, and reaches down and feels the warm heart beating (realizing she was destroying a life). The next morning they find it dead. She feels terrible and starts running away. The theme of the story is the idea that in order to mature, a child must reconcile life with the reality of death. The theme of the story is found directly within the title. I know from my own experience about a real doe season. It is necessary that their be a time for only killing the females since the population is much greater than that of bucks. Therefore, it controls the ratio between female and male deer not to be so different. This implies that at the same time the female innocence must unavoidably be destroyed, just as the doe must be. It takes place only after the young An…

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