Innovation Audit Report

Use this book as one of the references.Trott, P. (2012). Innovation management and new product development (5th ed.). London: Prentice Hall.Task:Innovation is increasingly being considered as a core competency that organizations must develop. Companies that consistently innovate don?t rely on chance; they address innovation in a systematic way.Your task is as follow:1. Drawing on a wide range of literature on innovation (not just 1 or 2 sources), develop a frameworkthat you could use to assess an organization in terms of innovation. Describe your framework andjustify the critical elements (with reference to the literature)2. The next step is to apply this framework to (Apple Inc.) organization. Where are the gaps? What is being done well, what areas need to be improved?3. Finally, develop a plan to address areas of weakness. You may choose to focus on a few keyareas and discuss them in detail.Introduction:? Write about innovation, modules of innovation? Introduce the company? Products they deliver.Frame WorkFrame work is important to organizations, why?InnovationDifferent types and link it to the frame work.Write about Chesbrough?s Open innovation approach (opening innovation practice)Level of risk and certinity in innovation.Develop Innovation frame work.Descripe the frame work.. the elements (R&D / Leadership / People / Core competencies /Technology)and apply the frame work (the elements) To Apple Inc.Separate paragraph for each element.

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