Instructor?s nameThe Great Lak

Instructor?s nameThe Great Lakes 2The great lake chemical corporation was incorporated in 1933 as McMlanahan OilCompany. It was initially formed to be an oil and gas exploration company. For many years thecompany was restricted to exploration and stayed small due to limited reserves and competitionfrom bigger companies. After its acquisition by a Wall Street financer, the company?s goalschanged and focused more on forming a natural resource conglomerate. This lead to thesubsequent mergers with smaller companies and buying them out made the company growexponential. It is one of the world?s greatest bromine and brominated chemical productsproducer. Great lakes company rely heavily for most of its revenue as it?s mixed with some ofthe organic compounds to give many toxic and non toxic products.Some of the factors that help identify the environment in which the great lake company isin or rather the factors that affect its growth are like social or demographic factors, this isbecause the company, which deals with lead additive product, has customers to this productscoming from various countries like china, Middle East and many other African countries. Thesimilarity in these regions is the vast population and they all have very low income families whocannot afford leaded gasoline vehicles. According to business, the law of supply and demanddetermines whether a business will grow or not. The demand from these nations may fall in caseof a change in its environmental policies. A country may decide to reduce the vehicles thatconsume these leaded products so as to save the deteriorating environment. The emergence ofcheaper products from other companies may cause the company to suffer since the poorercountries always look for cheaper alternatives. The countries may also ban importation of itsproducts as a way to protect local products from competition. The other factor is technological;this is the dependence on research to make sure its products are superior to the products of othercompanies.Experts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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