Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing1b. examine interactive order processing of an identified company e.g. EBay (AC 1.3, 1.4 and M 1)Task 2 2a. Demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing and show a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter you may have used during your campaign (AC 2.1,2.2)2b. Online public relations is vital for an organization and there are some practices in it. Understanding of those practices will help an organization to have a better public relation on the internet. Demonstrate your findings on the best practice in online public relations (AC 2.3 and M2, D2)2c.There are many digital media communities, for example file sharing sites, video-sharing sites and etc. Demonstrate how businesses can use new digital media communities, file-sharing sites (AC 2.4)Task 33b. E-CRM software is a very powerful tool for Internet marketing. Those functions are designed and developed to automate and streamline marketing operations. Demonstrate an E-CRM software system (one you may have used) with s series of screen captures and their brief description (AC 3.3)Task 44b. Pay per click (e.g. YAHOO, BING or GOOGLE AdWords) is one of the most effective way to do the paid SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Those services are provided by Yahoo & Microsoft and Google. Create a presentation on pay per click advertising for one of your ?clients? (Client in this scenario refers to the people you chose to promote their ideas or product) by a series of screen captures and brief description.(AC 4.2 and M3, D3)Summary of Evidences required for each assessment criteriaA. (AC 1.1, 1.2) Individual PowerPoint presentation B. (AC 1.3, 1.4) Individual PowerPoint presentation + Screen shot description C. (AC 2.1,2.2) Individual PowerPoint presentation + Sample of opt-in marketing Newsletter D. (AC 2.3) Individual PowerPoint presentation E. (AC 2.4) Individual Video/PowerPoint presentation F. (AC 3.1, 3.2) A three page market research report + Online Questionnaire screen shots (Individual) G. (AC 3.3) E CRM Screen shots on PowerPoint (Individual) H. (AC 4.1) Brochure of Internet marketing Plan ( min 5 pages) (Individual) Again please ensure you relate it back to what are eBay?s Marketing Mix or any other e-business 1b) Compare some of the emarketing tools (e-tools) (Power point preparation 1.3) Points to discuss ? What is e-marketing tools List some of the e-marketing tools and evaluate some of them ( look at the effectiveness of those selected marketing tools) please ensure you relate it back to what are eBay?s e-marketing tools or any other e-business Examples of e-tools include; ? Email marketing ? Online videos ? SEO/SEM ? Social media ? Websites ? Blogs ? Mobile ? Search engine ? Classified adsIn this section you need to look at the various e-tools that businesses use in their eMarketing strategies. Give a brief description of each one outlining the benefit and costs to the organisation of the tool. Now relate it to a organisation eg ebay and how they use that e-tool. 1.b) Examine interactive order processing Explain what is the significance of having an effective interactive order processing system in place? How does it benefit the customer and the business. Now look at the eBay order processing system and describe each step, critique each step and highlight its use and benefits. 2.1 1. Discuss SEO and how it can benefit a business. Choose one of the websites or business. 3. Suggest what can be done to improve the website you have chosen can benefit from the SEO methods (3 things) that you have chosen. 2.2 Here you need to make an opt-in example email newsletter. Customers need to be given to option not to submit their information for future correspondence. The more creative you get in trying to obtain theses details the more marks you will get. i.e. if it is a basic newsletter that has an opt-in statement it will get a pass, the competition style with a suitable statement will get more marks. You are being marked on the style of newsletter (completion, basic info etc.) and the suitable opt in statement. Again please do not use the one I have given as an example. This is merely to help give your ideas. 2.3 Explain what online PR is. Do some independent research as to what companies have done in their OPR initiatives and how they benefitted the customer and the business. Pick 3 online PR activities for your organisation and explain what you would do to implement these in your organisation. How will these benefit the organisation? 2.4 Here you need to define what a Digital Media Community (DMC) is and explain the benefits to the customer and to the business of using a DMC. A well rounded answer will also give real life examples of this You now need to propose how the business you picked in task 2.1 will benefit from implementing a DMC strategy into its website, such as a Chat room, reviews section etc. or approach an existing DMC for a tie up, somewhere where customers can interact with each other. 3.3 Here you need to discuss what activities you will carry out to maintain your existing customers using eCRM methods. Firstly you need to describe what eCRM is and how does it benefit a business, look at the slides for help but ensure that you do your own research. You then need to develop the eCRM strategy, using the diagram at the end of the class slides think about the 4 areas and what you will develop for each of these areas, you can have technology implemented to help to maintain and track customers. Look at industry examples to justify your choices. 4.1 Ok guys the time has now come for you to use all the internet marketing knowledge you have gained and put it into a Marketing Plan. You should use this plan for the business that you have chosen in task 3, and follow on.The Marketing plan should consist of the following: 1. Situational Analysis ? I have uploaded some slides on the situational analysis, look through these and it will explain what sub headings you should use. All of the areas should be addressed paying close attention to; the objectives of the marketing plan (what specifically it is you want to achieve), the media selection, and how you will measure the success of your campaign. 2. The SWOT analysis. 3. Decide the Media, explain why you have used this. 4. you can follow the six step guide to prepare your marketing plan4.2 In this task you have to produce a powerpoint presentation on a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign for your business and create a homepage of the website using or This task is very similar to task 2.1 but you have to do it for your own business. (chosen in task 3) Begin by explaining what PPC is what the benefit to the business is. The powerpoint presentation should show your research for the PPC campaign, what will be the key search terms you will use to get the most hits of your website. The research for this section is the same as the research for the PPC campaign you done in task 2. You then need to create a homepage for the business in question, use or to do this. I will only be marking the homepage so you only need to fill the homepage with information. The things that I will be looking for specifically are; ? The website name ? 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