Internship ReportWeekly report

Internship ReportWeekly report must be two pages (not including the title page) provide specifics as to what tasks the student completed per the duties defined with the Internship and what they learned during the week.Job: Shadowing/Observing the manager, Name: Marcia AndersonFacility: Bascom Palmer Eye InstituteHospital Details:For the tenth year in a row, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of the Miami Miller School of Medicine has been ranked the nation?s best in ophthalmology in U.S.News & World Report?s annual Best Hospitals edition. In fact, each year since the rankings were first published in 1990, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute has been ranked #1 or #2 eye hospital in the country, securing the #1 spot 12 times.Bascom Palmer Eye Institute?s doctors and scientists are recognized international leaders in their fields of expertise in every subspecialty in ophthalmology; these include macular, retinal and optic nerve diseases, cataracts, eye infections, eye cancers and eye diseases in children.Techs 75-100Clinic Coordinators 16Duties completed: (2Hr)7am Listen to voicemail to find out who is coming in late or not coming to work7:30-8am: Go around the clinics-Making sure every staff is in place-notify staffs that the supervisor is not in today, If they need help to call themanager-Collect leave request of any staffs asking days off-Move around staff from different floors to cover the ones that called outNote: Every floor has a different Ophthalmology sub-specialty (Cornea, Glaucoma, Pediatrics, Retina)-Pick up Clinic schedules from the day beforeClinic schedules have:-How many patients were seen that day? A final count of how many patients each technician saw and at what time3-4pm-How to input new leave request (Days off) given by the employees for vacation or floating holidays-Schedule reassignmentsLearned from the experience:-The steps and actions necessary to maintain a smooth clinic flow-Think of strategies to move around the right techs to cover the sub-specialties-Experience the stress that managers go through day by day just for one absent employee-Schedule planning: (Input leave request from employees)ORDERR THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT

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