Intervention Assessment

Intervention AssessmentThe incidence of cancer in a particular community is 10 new cases annually per 100,000 residents. Two possible interventions are being considered to lower the cancer rate.Intervention A is a system to further purify the community?s drinking water beyond its current state to remove potential carcinogens. Intervention A will lower the cancer rate to five new cases annually.Intervention B is a novel vaccine that inoculates the population against cancer. While the vaccine is thought to be perfectly effective, it has an extreme side effect: subjects receiving the vaccine become extremely sleepy and cannot work or otherwise function for 1 week.Write a word paper that addresses the following items:? Comment on the ethical issues that must be considered with regard to the implementation of each intervention.? All types of economic evaluations must quantify costs. For Intervention A and Intervention B, quantify all the costs involved. Think broadly, and include direct and indirect costs.? Considering a cost-effectiveness analysis, a cost-utility analysis, and a cost-benefit analysis, Discuss (check for the help you need) how the outcome measures differ among the three types of economic evaluation.? Conduct at least one type of economic evaluation from the above paragraph. Make several assumptions and keep track of these assumptions in an appendix.? Make your recommendation on whether to use Intervention A or Intervention B.!

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