INTRODUCTION Perry Hall is located

INTRODUCTION Perry Hall is located in Northeast Baltimore County. It is a prominent community with many businesses. Its boundaries are often confused with that of White Marsh because they share many things, including White Marsh Mall. Even though it is named White Marsh Mall, Perry Hall and White Marsh boundaries cut through the mall. Most people know that Perry Hall is a old town. The town was established before it was called Perry Hall. Perry Hall has had many names, Germantown being one. The town was finally called Perry Hall in 1775 after Perry Hall mansion, started by Corbin Lee and finished by Harry Dorsey Gough. Gough named it after his home Staffordshire, England Perry Hall. (McGrain, p.58) Ellis 2 HISTORY Perry Halls earliest records of settlement are the Susquehannock Indians. The Susquehannock Indians settled near what was then called Gunpowder River Valley; now called Gunpowder Falls State Park. In 1608, Captain John Smith lead the first European exploration of Gunpowder River Valley. In 1658, the first Europeans began to settle in the Gunpowder River Valley. In 1669, Henry Howard acquired 200 acres of land, later called Cullenbourne. In 1681, George Lingan purchased 1,000 acres of land near Great Gunpowder Falls, which will become later the Perry Hall estate. In 1697, one of the Indian sightings in Baltimore County was recorded, when Charles Hewitt testified that Susquehannock Indians raided his home in Perry Hall. (Marks, p.159) During the time of 1700-1759 things began to fall into place in this small town of what is now Perry Hall. Industries were…

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