Investigating Decision-Making Methods

Investigating Decision-Making MethodsSection 2: School-Based Professional Collaboration, Issues, and TrendsCommunities are comprised of people with rich cultural experiences and backgrounds. When a school leader taps into the community for resources, he or she is effectively reaching out to the multicultural populace, which is the school neighborhood. Each individual within a community can bring to the school a rich cultural tradition through any number of outreach programs. It may be a teacher who invites his students? families to come and share information about their cultural heritage, or a foreign language teacher who invites a local community resident in to teach an ethnic cooking lesson, or a guidance counselor who organizes a deployment support group for military families. Schools succeed when the school leaders facilitate an understanding of the cultural components of a community and a desire to connect with the schools and to collaborate with members of the local area, in an effort to recognize and encourage diversity and tolerance.Required Reading:See each Activity for Required Readings.Assignment 5 Investigating Decision-Making MethodsSchool administrators are responsible for making effective and ethical decisions, promoting collaboration, and mediating conflict within schools. It is helpful to hear educational leaders? first-hand perspectives to understand the challenges they face in making decisions on a daily basis. This week?s activity involves an analysis of the decision-making options open to a hypothetical administrator in a text-based case study and an exploration of decision-making considerations encountered by working school leaders.Pre-ActivityRead Chapter 6 in Green, R. L. (2012), Decision Making: Quality and Acceptance, which focuses on Case Scenario 9, The Requested Change.View Chapter 5, PowerPoint #2: Decision-Making Strategies. (Go to PowerPoints on left-hand menu)Conduct an Internet search on policies and procedures in K-12 schools.Locate a policy and procedure manual for a K-12 school. You can use your school?s manual or locate one on the web (be sure to provide a viable reference).Main Task: Investigating Decision-Making MethodsIn the Pre-Activity, you read the case study, The Requested Change. Take some time to reflect in this case, and then present your reflection on the options open to Mr. Miller. Write an essay addressing the following:Identify the decision-making approaches he could use to involve community stakeholders and preserve the integrity of the partnerships and community connections he has built.Explain how you might mitigate these types of issues through the use of policies and procedures.Prepare the wording you would use to update the manual you located.Length: 5-7 pages with at least three outside referencesYour analysis should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your work should reflect graduate-level writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University?s Academic Integrity Policy.Submit your document in the Course Work area, located below the Activity screen.???????????????????????????Learning Outcomes: 2, 5Assignment OutcomesInvestigate key principles for collaborating with stakeholders. [2-A, 3-B]Investigate methods of decision-making that facilitate collaborative relationships. [2-B, 3-C]Course WorkUpload New CourseworkCourse Work Course Work HelpPost New Coursework Entered Assignment File Status Downloaded Grade Writing Originality Delete!

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