Investment Policy

Investment PolicyProject instructions: The assignment consists of writing a policy investment (guidelines as to how to direct a portfolio investment). Not less than 2-pages. And to develop a 1-excel page the calculations described below on point 2.There is two very important points to consider in this assignment: 1. The writing of the investment policy should be through fully calculated/considered as to what should I do if the stock market falls (per say) 20% , when should I buy, sell, should I have a margin account or not. Provide guidelines that you consider makes a good investment strategy for this portfolio. I will upload a sample of random investment policies so that you have a better idea of the assignment. 2. The development of the portfolio should ONLY be calculated (in excel) with the hypothetical idea of what will happen if the market goes down by 15% and goes up by 15%. Before doing these calculations, Mutual funds should be ignored and Options should be added. The total Initial investment in this portfolio should be $1,000,000. I will also upload two sample-portfolios that has been done under these guidelines in order for you to have a better idea as to how the assignment should developed. The textbook used in this class is: INVESTMENTS by Bodie, Alan, and Jain. Tenth Edition.Explanation of the uploaded files: Investment Portfolio MBA 7292: is the portfolio to work on.Sample Portfolio (4): Portfolio Theory Sample (3): these two files are an example to show as to how the excel document should be calculated.and 7293 Investment Policy thoughts. doc: is an example as to how the 2-page investment policy should be.:

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