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I.Iran is the center of the world of international news right now with its oil sanctions threats from Israel threats of shutting down the Straight of Hormuz but above all else its expanses in nuclear power. a.Iran?s nuclear program and nuclear weapons have grown exponentially since 2003 threatening Middle-Eastern countries and America. Iran has had a nuclear program since the 1950?s when the U.S. helped launch it as part of the Atoms For Peace program. But since then the program has grown with out regulation from the I.A.E.A. b.The fact that Iran?s unstable government has nuclear capabilitiesIran Informative Speech Outline threatens not only neighboring countries like Israel but also the entire world and this situation needs to be handled as quickly as possible. c.In my speech I will inform you on Iran?s nuclear program why it is of the upmost importance and what we as a nation should do in response. II.Because of Iran?s aggressive nuclear behaviors recently the U.N. has taken notice and has retaliated. a.Harsh economic sanctions were placed on the Iranian people recently. 1.The sanctions are an attempt by the US and European powers to hurt Iran?s economy so that they have no choice but to halt all nuclear developments. 2.Although the economic sanctions have hit hard and have settled [the economy] into a slow downward glide hemorrhaging jobs and hard currency but appearing to be in no immediate danger of collapse western diplomats and analysts say? (Joby Warrick42448 2013) the sanctions haven?t triggered any protests or any slowing of nuclear development despite Iranian people?s suffering. b.Not only has the Iranian economy suffered but it is also on the verge of war with Israel. 1.They have been in what?s called a shadow war for 5 years where they exchanged terroristic type attacks. 2.Israel has blamed Iran for car and suicide bombings that targeted Israeli diplomats and killed Israeli tourists. Iran?s president has accused Israel and the U.S. of colluding to kill nuclear scientists. c.It?s clear that these issues will quickly escalate and have a negative outcome. III.If action isn?t taken soon the U.S. will suffer. a.Iran and Israel?s war is inevitable. 1.War with Iran seems to be turning away from a mere possibility and more towards inevitability?[and] Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently stated that he believes Israel will attack Iran? (Joseph Sarkisian March 2012). 2.And because the U.S. has given Israel billions and has helped expand their military if Israel attacks Iran in the near future America has no choice but to attack as well. b.In response to the sanctions the Iranian government has threatened to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. 1.The Strait of Hormuz is extremely important geographically because it is considered one of the world?s foremost chokepoints. In 2011 nearly 17 million barrels of oil or almost 20% of the world?s traded oil flowed on ships through the Strait of Hormuz daily. 2.If the Strait of Hormuz closes our oil supply from the Middle East will be cut off and the overall price of gas will increase to over $8 and will force the U.S. to spend billions of dollars on new drilling sites in North America. c.These looming threats of war and oil restrictions need to be dealt with.”

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