Is Racial Profiling Defensible Public Policy?

Is Racial Profiling Defensible Public The judging of an character by their race did not become relevant because of the Rodney King the attacks on the World Trade or the illegal aliens crossing the Mexican Racial Discrimination has been a reoccurring issue for Throughout these judgments and discriminations have led to unwarranted racial riots and unjust Racial Profiling not only adds to this overwhelming issue but is upheld by the government and prominent Racial profiling has caused divisions between black men and the negative effects on immigration and race and false further proving that racial profiling is not defensible public The relationship between men and law enforcement comes from a deeper root than just being in a difference of A valid reason for the resistance that black men have toward the police could be of the racial stereotypes that were given to black males during In the book Cultures in there are two stereotypes that described African American males during the centuries of Sambo and Bireda describes Sambo as a and Sambo was nonthreatening to the Caucasian slave The introduced during the Emancipation and Reconstruction was portrayed as being and who steals money from the The stereotypical image Brute has

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