It is not so easy to understand what exactly Git

It is not so easy to understand what exactly Gitlin is trying to state or prove about television. Although it is not clear, Gitlin does state some important points and facts about his view on television and popular culture. Gitlin raises the question of “More to the point, is television now a dominant force in shaping the character of Americans?” I would have to answer yes to this question. As stated “the average household has a set on more than seven hours per day-to mean that the average person that amount.” That is a lot of television a day. Television today exemplifies a lot of what every day life should be like. Whether it is through the advertising, commercials, and shows/programs Americans get their seven-hour dose a day of what television or how television portrays American life. These viewers ultimately are falling into the trap of television. This explains the monkey see Monkey do theory as for example, feminists argue that when a woman character is victimized by violent crime, the representation teaches women that their role is to play the victim. This is true Television influences America to be seen or heard a certain way. It cultivates a culture that Americans get sucked into and ultimately believe, as to being the way the world is and operates. Television indeed some way or another affects us in a way of which we are led to believe in a culture or society that seems fit to the Ted Turners of the world and not on the American. …

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