Its ok to be ugly

Its ok to be uglyPaper instructions:After reading the following articles, in the order they are listed respond to the questions below.?It?s Okay to Be Ugly?Preview the documentView in a new window?Didn?t get the job? Blame ?lookism?,??Preview the documentView in a new window?Victims of ?Lookism? in workplace??Preview the documentView in a new window?Is Lookism Unjust? The Ethics of Aesthetics?? (optional)Preview the documentView in a new windowClick here for a detailed explanation of the RUBRIC for this AssignmentView in a new windowRespond to the following:1. Do you think this is successful claimsmaking? Why or why not, be specific?2. How is the claim ?framed?? How would you improve Lynn Romer?s claim? Be specific.3. How could ?Lookism? be connected to other social problems.4. What are the components of the claim?5. For whom is it a problem?6. In whose interest is it that the problem be solved?7. In whose interest is it that the problem remains unsolved?8. Would a reformulation of the problem make it easier to solve?9. Why hasn?t it been solved until now?10. What would the world look like if the problem were solved?!

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