Iub Lfe Report on Health and Medical Sevices

Acknowledgement First of all I want to we are very delightful to have a special program in a Live in Field in our which is a very thoughtful and unique course in Independent Bangladesh We are very grateful to IUB for giving as such a practical experience of the rural life of Bangladesh through the I really appreciate the host organization Proshika Manikganj for giving us such an opportunity to explore the area and for helping and guiding us throughout the course and to for the support of food and My special regard goes to Latiful khabir and AFM Mainul Ahsan who have supported us and helped us all the way through and took care of all the problems faced by us during the program thanks go to the LFE monitors Rakibul Hasan Shahin Pramanik Mahira and Moinul Karim they were also very cooperative and All of them have guided us throughout the course session to achieve our success in collecting the Section Contents Introduction Objectives Limitations Procedure and Methodology Working Area The district Manikganj Proshika HRDC Health and Medical Services Introduction Findings Resources Diseases and Health Care Services Village Doctor Profile of village doctor Interview review Upazilla Health Manikganj

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