J. Vernon McGee has an interesting way of lookin

J. Vernon McGee has an interesting way of looking at the Bible. He seems to take a standpoint on Galations that is very refreshing. I have never heard a biblical scalar use the word cool before. I just really enjoyed reading his commentary. He divides the book into five parts, the first being the introduction. He talks about how in the first five verses Paul tells that he is an apostle by God not by man. In verse two he describes that Paul is writing to the churches of Galatia and not the church body that is composed of all that are saved. In verse four he gives a very inspiring view of how Jesus gave himself. As well as talking about how God will deliver us from present evil. From verse five he talks about how wonderful God is and how we need to praise his name. McGee then goes on to talk about Pauls subject in Galations. Paul is writing this letter to warn about Judaizers. After Paul had gone threw an area these Judaizers would come right behind him and add to what Paul said. They would tell them that they had to obey the Mosaic Law as well as have faith. The main idea for verses 1:6-10 holds the same main idea. God has provided us with the one and only true gospel and this is what Paul was preaching. If anyone should ever come up to and tell you that your belief is right up to a point we should tell them to leave us alone. In the next part he talks about Pauls experiences in Arabia. In verses eleven and twelve Paul states one again about how the gospel he preaches came from no man but from God. In verses 18-24 we read about Paul going to meet with the other apostles and their reaction to him. The church as well as the apostles in Jerusalem was slightly reluctant to accept Paul when he first arrived. In fact McGee says without the help of Barnabas, Paul would probably have waited for a long time before the church in Jerusalem would have received him. Paul never did meet up with all the apostles….

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