James Dulong AP History Per 6 On December 7,

James Dulong AP History Per 6 On December 7, 1941 the Japanese launched a sneak attack on Pearl Habor. This attack on the United States Pacific Fleet was a total tactical success. The Japanese, using 360 planes and midgit submarines, were able to sink the USS Arizona, USS California, USS Maryland, USS Oklahoma, USS Pesilvania, USS Tennessee, and the USS Utha. They also destroyed Hickman Feild, the US air base on Hawaii. The result of this attack was a declaration of war on Germany, Italy, and Japan by the United States. It also had an effect on the Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast. American citizens had property taken away and were encarrsirated by their fellow citizens with executive order 9066. Even through this racist act many Japanese-Americans.volenteered for service in the United States Army. It was the 442nd combat regiment, “Go for Broke”. This unit was given the derogatory name of Nisei. Yet, “Thos Japanese-Americans who… fought in the United States Army compiled a superb record for courage and endurance” (Sulzberger, 149). Just because Japanese-Americans were allowed to enter the armed services they did not escape racism. During the campiagn in France, the 442nd could have been the first combat regiment to enter Paris. They were ordered to to wait at the side of the rode to allow white combat units to pass them. They became the last unit to enter Pairis. This racist ideaof them was even present in the enemy. “One of the puzzeled and astonished Germans asked an American Lieutenant, ‘But aren’t those Japanese?’ ‘Yes,’ said the Lieutenant, ‘Didin’t you know they were on our side? or do you believe all that stuff Goebbels tells you?'” (Sulzberger, 149) Racism was also shown in other ways during combat action. In Italy the 442nd was used as cannon foder. They were to make a third assult on Monte Cassino. This would be accompanied by a beach head landingin Anzio. “In an attempt to break the …

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