Jewel Kilcher Folk singer and writer Jew

Jewel Kilcher Folk singer and writer Jewel Kilcher was born on May 23, 1974, in Homer, Alaska, to Nedra and Atz Kilcher. Her parents were folk singers who incorporated Jewel into their act at age 6. Jewel and her family lived in a very small-populated town and had no running water, toilets or television. For her last two years of high school, Jewel traveled to Michigan and the Interlochen Arts Academy where she took arts and music classes. In 1994, Jewel was signed as a signer. Jewel was not immediately a star but in 1996 on of her songs became a breakout hit, she also won many Grammy Nominations. Jewel was not only a signer but she also acted and played a role in the movie Ang Lee’s Ride With the Devil, a Civil War drama. Around 1999 Jewel released a book and audiotape of her poems, A Night Without Armor. Many Fans appreciate her earnestness and strong singing voice. One of the poems I choose to write about is called “I Say to You Idols” this poem is very inspiring to those who have trouble moving on. I found a few poetic devices in this poem. In line six of the poem I found “fallen things” which I think is a metaphor. In line seven I found consonance with the two words “greatest and Grace”. In line eleven I found “walk and with” which is alliteration. In line thirteen I found two words that could have two poetic devices, “screaming blood” which could be both a metaphor and personification. Another poem I did by jewel was ” All the words”. In line one I found alliteration with “fingers could feel”. In line four I found more alliteration, “silent sorrow”. In lines five, six, and seven I found a simile. I found hyperbule in lines eight, nine, ten, and eleven. In lines thirteen and fourteen I found another simile. In line fifteen I found personification. And in lines seventeen and eighteen I found consonance. I think what Jewel is trying to be in this poem is a pregnant women trying to talk to the father of the…

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