Jimmy Carter The Carter Center in Atlanta Geo

Jimmy Carter The Carter Center in Atlanta Georgia is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public institute founded by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, in 1982 (Carter Center). The Center in dedicated to fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression. At present, the Center operates 13 core programs, which have touched the lives of people in 65 countries, including the U.S. Habitat for Humanity began in 1984 when Carter led a work group to New York City to renovate a six-story building with 19 families in need of descent shelter. Each year, Jimmy and Rosalynn give a week of their time to build homes. We have become small players in an exciting global effort to alleviate the curse of homelessness, Carter said (Carter and Habitat). As president, Carter was deeply committed to social justice and human rights. He and his wife Rosalynn left the White House in search of meaningful ways to contribute in these areas. Ultimately, Carter focused his work toward charitable contributions, and non-profit work. Jimmy Carter was born on October 1, 1924, in Plains, Georgia. Carters father, a farmer and businessman, ran a farm products store on the family farm in the rural community of Archery, a few miles west of Plains Georgia (Jimmy Carter). The Carters lived in Plains when Jimmy was born. Four years later, they moved to the farm in Archery. Jimmy grew up there and helped with the farm chores during his boyhood. Jimmy went to public school in Plains. His favorite subjects included history, literature, and music. As a teenager, he played on the high school basketball team. In 1941, following graduation from high school, Carter entered Georgia Southwestern College in Americus. In 1942, he was appointed to the United States Navel Academy. Carter met Rosalynn Smith, best friend of his sister Ruth. In the summer after graduation they were married. By the early 1950s Carter …

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