John Schaeffer / Geog 128 / Flint / Exc.1 The S

John Schaeffer / Geog 128 / Flint / Exc.1 The Struggle For Peace in the Middle East Continues The Golan region, which lies between Israel and Syria, has been a place of much heated contention for many years. While the Middle East does seem in constant disarray, recent reports are showing that Syrian people are not worried over the recent delays in peace talks. Certain things are for sure though: Israel realizes it must return to Syria some of the Golan region, which it has controlled since the 1967 occupation took place during the Six-Day War. Under recent United States sponsorship, talks have only one month ago resumed and are still stalled for the moment, but it appears that both Israelis and Syrians are prospective that an agreement will be reached. It seems that the areas inhabitants are moving from warring to negotiating. The Golan Heights could be described as a desolate yet scenic stretch of land. The state of Israel was officially established in 1948 with a northeastern border enveloping the Sea of Galilee and shadowing the western edge of The Golan, a steep ridge belonging at the time to neighbor Syria. The Golan Heights is about a 460 square mile area that is now occupied by some 17,000 Israelis and nearly the same number of Syrian Druze who have never given up their nationality. In 1995, Israel led many to believe that they would withdraw from Golan in exchange for peace agreements and specific security arrangements. The United States, realizing an opportunity to further stabilize the situation in the Middle East in the interests of the world economy, have ceded a certain compromising attitude with Syria. Contrary to past relations, Syria has hailed the U.S. efforts at the negotiation table, citing the U.S. as behaving less like a mediator and more like a partner with each of the disputing parties. I believe it shows that the U.S. recognizes the strife endured by the Syrians in the loss of this t…

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