John UpdikeWrite an essay that

John UpdikeWrite an essay that explores the life and work of an important or noted writer in the English language. You must choose a writer who is in our textbook, and b) is no longer living. For this essay, you will need to research and learn about the life of a writer of your choice; you will also need to research critical views of the writer?s literature and read works by this writer. This essay should inform about the biographical facts of the writer?s life and literary career, and then use that knowledge to Discuss (check for the help you need) how one or two ?works? by that writer reflect the personal experiences, philosophy, or beliefs of the writer. Your purpose is to briefly show at least one way in which the writer?s life influenced the writer?s work: this is your claim, or argument.This essay can be broken into two sections:I. A report on the life, education, and career of the writer (historical biography)II. Argue for a particular and specific ?influence? the writer experienced from some aspect of his or her personal life. You goal is to find something, some event or idea or creation, from the writer?s personal life that is illustrated through the literature. This idea will be your ?argument?.!

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