Joint Military Operations Department

Joint Military Operations DepartmentA. Focus: This assignment affords you the opportunity to propose your own combinationof service capabilities in response to a crisis requiring military action. You are notexpected to develop a plan for employing the forces, though some consideration ofthis issue will certainly shape your thinking and decision. One underlying theme for thisrequirement is that consideration of operational art concept of time, space, and forcerelationships has a direct impact on the choice and mix of capabilities for an operationsuch as this. B. Assignment: Using the North Africa scenario found in: Naval War College.Joint Military Operations Department.Service Capabilities Vignette for North Africa; Scenario andBackground Information. (CDE 8146) Along with background information found throughout Blocks 1-2, you are to recommend (and justify) in 3-4 pages: 1. What capabilities each Service could provide that would be particularly effective in this crisis? (Why shouldone capability be selected over others?) 2. In what order (considering deployment and sustainment restraints) would you bring in the capabilities givenpotential mission requirements? (Why?) 3. What command and control structure would be best suited as the U.S. integrates with host nation andpossible coalition partners? In answering the above questions, you should consider the following: ? What limitations are there on employing your recommendations? ? Are there complementary capabilities between Services that contribute to greater overall effectiveness? For the capabilities each Service offers, what do they need from other Services to make them fully effective, ormore effective? ? If more than one Service offers similar capabilities, are there reasons to prefer one rather than the other inthis scenario B. Assignment: ? How does the maturity of the theater affect your choice of capabilities? How will you get them there, and B. (Cont.) how will you sustain them? Where can you base them, if needed? ? What risk does your recommendation carry? ? Are there redundant capabilities in your recommendations? If so, what are the implications? ? What are the limitations of what you can accomplish in the crisis? ? Does your choice of capabilities affect your ability to disengage if national policy so dictates? ? Would your recommendation change if you were expected to maintain a permanent presence in the localarea? How would you change it? ? Are there potential coalition partners who might offer capabilities that enhance your recommendations? ? What are the potential operational command and control configurations that you might recommend? Note: Do not address these points individually as you answer the question. Use them to analyze the situation andpotential capability requirements and to justify/support your selection. C. Grading: The vignette will be graded IAW the criteria listed in paragraphs 8 ? 13 of the basic syllabus. It is an individualrequirement; collaboration is NOT permitted.The examination is open book?all materials can be used when answering the examination questions. In completing the assignment, a thesis, notes and a bibliography are NOT required. Your answers should be in a proseformat clearly outlining and supporting your recommendations to the questions. Charts and diagrams may be used tosupport your recommendations?they will not be counted against the 3-4 page requirement. :

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