Jonathan Swift?s ?A modest Proposal? i

Jonathan Swift?s ?A modest Proposal? i?One of the most famous ?proposals? is Jonathan Swift?s ?A modest Proposal? in which he suggests consuming Irish children as a way to solve a famine. Swift?s intent was to draw attention to the desperation of the Irish, while shaming absent English landlords. ?Write a ironic proposal like Swift?s that proposes an absurd solution for an important problem. The key is to irony is to bring about a positive change by shaming the people who are at fault.For this assignment you will choose a problem, explain what causes it to be a problem, Discuss (check for the help you need) the effects of the problem, propose solutions (an action plan) to solve the problem, engage in a cost/benefit analysis, and finally encourage the reader that your solutions are a really good idea.a) What is your proposal about?b) State the purpose of proposalc) Background informationd) Why should the reader care?e) Thesis statement (summarizes plan and explains why it will succeed)II. Problem Analysis:a) What makes it a problem?b) What are the effects of the problem?c) Explain why it is a real problemIII. Plan for Solving the Problem:a) Your step-by-step plan for solving the problem (be as clear and detailed as possible)IV) Cost/Benefit Analysis:a) Measure the benefits of the plan against its costs (this does not necessarily have to be a monetary cost)V. Concluding Paragraph (summary):a) Restate thesisb) Re-stress the importance of the topicc) Look to the futured) Stress the importance of taking actionOrder for your custom written PAPER now!

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