JOURNAL #4: THE VOUCHER SYSTEM COLECTIVE VS CAPITALISTIC? The voucher system, first introduced by Milton Friedman in 1960, is an example of capitalistic idealism: the state has a responsibility to provide solid education, it philosophizes, but not to monopolize the institution. The system suggests an end to public schooling with no deduction in tax dollars for educational purposes; instead, the cost of an average students education will be calculated and a voucher redeemable for private schooling in that amount provided for the parents of school age children. This system, however justifiable to some, would be a counterproductive amendment to one of Americas oldest and most prided institutions: an amendment that would serve only to enable mulit based segregation and would disable our children to be effective citizens. If the voucher system passed legislation, all current public schools would presumably break into smaller private schools or would privatize as they are. These smaller schools would specialize in subject/career areas, such as architectural schools, chemistry schools, accounting schools, etc. While all traditional academic classes would be covered, the classes would present them with a focus on how they relate to the subject of the school. Many people in favor of the voucher system argue that in this way, students and parents are more determinant of their own curriculum, and with more power over individual education, student motivation for success in school would skyrocket. However, this is not necessarily the case. A good public school offers a variety of classes that pertain to individual interests, offering plenty of options to students. Motivational success is achieved through a supportive network of parents, teachers and friends not through selective, unsupportive schooling. Accepting the voucher system would be to accept school and job segregation. Because private schools can accept or…

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