key struggle for a woman in Shakespeare in Love

key struggle for a woman in Shakespeare in LoveRespond to 4 of the first 6 questions, plus #7 (which you may submit at different times). Give constructive criticism to at least two answers by other students. Write each answer as a fully developed paragraph (at least one), with examples and quotes carefully identified, separately numbered.1. Identify a key challenge to Faustus and how it tests him. What is the impact on the plot, and the theme?2. What drives Faustus? How is the magical power a metaphor for what a Renaissance or modern scientist, politician or egotist desires?3. Identify a key struggle for a woman in Shakespeare in Love, and explain how that struggle affects ?Will?s? growth (in part illustrated through the creating and staging of Romeo and Juliet in the film.)4. What modern, non-magical analogies to the actions of Faustus can you identify?5. What modern (fictional or real) analogies to the actions of the prince (or his father) can you identify?6. How is ?Will? a modern fictional character, and not a biographical sketch of the historical dramatist himself?7. Is there any foggy part of the lesson, or a question? [Plus, answer any question that you can, below]1. Is Oedipus the king a ?bad? tyrant at all? Develop a coherent sense of his character and situation.2. What is Sophocles? political purpose? Other plays may help.3. How is the protagonist of Everyman like you and me? His personal life and moral or spiritual state may be useful focuses.4. Explain how Everyman is an allegory. Support this answer by defining how one character, element of scene, or action in the plot is allegorical.5. Why does Oedipus fall? What does this plot mean for Greek tragedy?6. What are some distinguishing characteristics of Roman plays, which you can see in modern movies?7. How is Hrosvitha?s drama like, and un-like, the Roman plays?8. What is foggy this lesson? [Any question you?d like answered?] If not, answer another question above.!

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