Knowing God A healthy, vibrant, growing and h

Knowing God A healthy, vibrant, growing and happy Christian life requires a regular routine of communion with God through prayer, study His Word, and in Christian service to mankind. Like eating, sleeping, and exercising, it demands daily attention. And like our bodies, our spiritual life quickly withers and dies without spiritual food. I. Communicating Your Mind with Him The story of Enoch is a great example of a man who spent much time in prayer and communion with God. In fact He kept his mind in tune with God in every respect of his daily livingin thought, in word and in deed. To him prayer was as the breath of the soul; he lived in the very atmosphere of heaven. Because he lived so close to God, he was translated to heaven without seeing death. How can we achieve in our individual life the same holiness that characterized his, a state that will enable God to place us among the 144,000, to seal us, and to take us home with him without seeing death? Friends, only Time Alone With God will give us the experience of Enoch. The disciples had worked hard fulfilling Christs commitment. But now after their return from their missionary journey. He invited them to retire to a quiet place with Him. They needed to enjoy not only a little rest but also a period of close communion with the Saviour. And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while (Mark 6:31). In the close and private setting with the future apostles, Jesus could communicate freely with them, correct their mistakes, encourage them, strengthen them for the great task they were soon to do. As did the disciples, we too require the refreshing company of the source of all power, comfort, and wisdom. Every child of God vitally needs precious moments of private communion with Him. In our hurries and worries of life, even in the work of God, every Christian must have time dedicated to his private d…

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