knowledge Management Systems

knowledge Management SystemsWrite an Analysis of the Paper Read and think about the paper, check the papers it cites. Analyse the paper?s key ideas in terms of the KMS concepts you have come to understand so far. Write a review of the paper, starting with your summary of its contents. You are not assessing the quality of the paper ? you are looking at how it fits into your understanding of KMS. Some questions your review might address follow (this is not an assignment contents page!): ? what are the main KM concepts that underlies the paper ? ? how do the ideas in the paper vary from what you?ve been covered? ? how the Dalkir text might be updated in light of this paper? ? does the paper make a contribution to the field as Dalkir sees it? ? who would use the conclusions of the paper and for what purposes? ? what more would you like to know as a result of analysing this paper?:

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