Lab Report, Chemistry determation of a solution’s concentration by

Lab Report, Chemistry determation of a solution?s concentration by titrationProject descriptionthis is a lab reportObjective: To determine the molarity of three acid solutions of unknown concentration by??materials and equipmentgoggles, vinegar and NaOH, beaker, Erlenmeyer flasks, funnel, pipette and phenophtalein.Procedure:place about 30 mL of vinegar (acid) into a 100 mL beaker. use a pipette to transfer exactly 10.0 of vinegar ( from step 1) into each of the two 125 mL Erlenmeyer flasks. labled as ! 1, 2 and 3. record 10.0 mL as the volume of acid used add about 10.0 mL of distilled water to each. clamp a burette to a ring stand use a funnel to carefully fill the burette with an aqueous. 0.5 m NaOH solution to the zero level, add the NaOH slowly to avoid overflowing the burette. this is the initial volume of base. the goal is to stop when the soulution just change from clear to pink.results:MEasurements: trail 1A. volume of the vinegar used, Va 10.00mL. trail 2 Va volume of the vinegar used 10.00 trail 3 volume of the vinegar used is 10.00 mLB. intial burette reading Vi trail 1 0.17 trail 2 0.19 trail 3 0.018c. final burette reading Vf trail 1 17.78 mL trail 2 17.76 mL and trail 3 17.97 mLCalculationsD. volume of NaOH used Vb=C-B trail #1 17.61 mL trail#2 17.57 mL and trail #3 17.79mL.E. Molarity of NaOH Mb trail #1 0.5M trail #2 0.5M trail #3 0.5MF. Molarity of vinegar Ma= (E)x (d)/(A) trail 1 0.8805m trail 2 08785M trail 3 0.8895MG. average molarity of vinager, Ma 0.8828H. Molecular weight of acetic acid ( C2H4 O2) 60.05g/molI mass of acetic in 1.0 liter of solution = (h) x (g) 53.01gJ. Percent by mass-to-volume acid in vinager =5.3%

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