Langston Hughes was one of the greatest p

Langston Hughes was one of the greatest poets that ever lived. He had a unique way of writing his poetry, and his diction varied from poem to poem. His poems ranged from short and sweet, too more detailed and in depth. After reading some of his poetry I find you are able to understand what he wants you to understand very easily. This is one of the factors why I enjoyed his poetry so much. Even though some of his poems were only a few lines, they portray much meaning and emotion. It seems to me that Langston Hughes after one thing in most of his writings, equality. After reading his poems from the handout I can see where he is coming from. He grew up in a time where people practiced segregation and prejudice. Furthermore growing in the streets of Harlem didnt help much either. The city was the center for most of the racial and ethnic problems took place. You can tell that some of it reflects in his writings. It is easy to tell that Langston Hughes was a dreamer. He dreamed of equality, he dreamed of peace, and most of all he dreamed of change. Change of times, people, and attitudes. In his poem Dreams I felt a strong sense of emotion. Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die Life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. That is such a powerful stanza, never let go of your dreams or your feelings, because when they are gone your life is not worth living. This simile shows how much he cherished life, and how important it was to follow your beliefs. Dream Deferred also stressed how important dreams were and to never let them vanish. He is trying to say if you have a dream dont lose it because you might think no one else believes in it. Hold on to it even tighter, because that is what makes it yours. He is indicating a sense of free will, which is a major part of equality. Throughout the poem you find many similes describing a deferred dream. All of them are gross and morbid. The worst po…

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