Lauren Trauscht 3rd Hour 3-1-00 3rd Quarter

Lauren Trauscht 3rd Hour 3-1-00 3rd Quarter Essay I do not believe God exists. I have many reasons why I think that there is no God. One of my many reasons is that there is no way that one man could have created the earth that we are living in today. The Bible is just one big made up story, and who created God if there is a God? If you think about it, God did not create this earth. How can one man create this earth that we are living on today? That is impossible. Then there is the Bible. The Bible is just one big book with a bunch of stories that are totally bunk. Someone had to sat down and make up all those stories, because how could anybody keep up on the Bible for thousands and thousands of years? The stories in there had to have gotten mixed up. My last theory on why I think that God does not exist is if there is a God, then who created God? There had to have been some other God or something like that to make him the chosen one. Think about it. All in all, I hope that all of my thoughts on whether God exists or not got you to think about whether he does or does not. My three points are: about creating this earth, the Bible being just one big made up story, and if there is a God then who created God gave me the opinion that I have today. Word Count = 274 …

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