LeadershipGeneral Assignment D

LeadershipGeneral Assignment Description:1 Write a ?multiple source? paper, an essay that includes scholarly or peer-reviewed sources. Beadvrsecl that Wikipedia and Dictionarycom are not scholarly sources,2. The paper wrll research a global leader of your choice from a Fortune 1000 International firm.3 The research will focus on the leader?s approach to managing, the firm in the global business arena,the leader?s personal communicatiOn anc organizatiOnal communication methodologyprjilysis of Leadership ApproachComplete research on the leader?s approach to organization leadership in the global environment.identify, describe and give examples. of 3 or more of the following leadership approaches the leader usesin conducting business in the global arena:1. Leadership and Power: Legitimate Power, Reward Power, Coercive Power, Referent Power,Expert Power2. Situational Leadership Approach:A. Boss Centered vs. Employee Centered Leadership (Tannenbaum & Schmidt)8. Task Oriented (lob Centered) Leadership vs. Employee Centered Leadership (FiedlerlC. Favorableness of the Situation (fiedlerl: Leader-Member Relations, Task Structure, PositionPower3. Path-Goal Leadership (House & Evans)Directive Leader BehaVior, ?supportive Leader Behavior, Achievement-oriented Leader Behavior,or Participative Leader BehaVior.4. Charismatic Leadership (House)5. Transformational Leadership6. Cross-Cultural Leadership and Diversityll. Efiective Leader Communication: Personal and Organizational MethodologyResearch the leader?s approach to personal and organizational communication. identify, describe andgive examples of 3 or more of the leader?s personal and organizational communication methods in theglobal context. Consider the followmg:Cultural Factors: Cultural factors affect international organizations leaders must be prepared to dealwith these and other factors as they inte?act with people from difterent cultural backgrounds Leadersmust understand how Cultural factors afiect individuals, how motivational processes vary acrosscultures, how the role of leadership changes in different cultures, how communication varies acrosscultures and how interpersonal and group processes depend on cultural backgrOund.Communication relates directly to leadership. Environmental scanning, integrating planning-timehorizons and decision-making all necessmte communication. Delegation, coordination and organizationchange and development also entail communicationDeveloping reward systems and interacting with subordinates as a part of the leading function would beimpossible Without some form of communication. Communication is essential to establishing standards,monitoring performance and taking corrective action as a part of control. Communication is a pervasivepart of virtually ALL leadership activitiesCreatg An Agenda: How does the leader create an agenda? Research how the leader establishesdirection. How does the leader develop a vision of the future and strategies for producing the resultsneeded to achieve the vision?Deveipg A Human Network To Achieve the Agenda: How does the leader develop the human network?Research how the leader aligns people. How does the leader communicate the direction of the firm bywords and deeds to everyone whose cooperation may be needed to influence the creation of teams andcoalitions that understand the visions and strategies and how they accept their validity?Plan Execution: How does the leader execute his/her plan?Research how the leader motivates and inspires and energizes employees to overcome political,bureaJCratic and resource barriers? How does the leader satisfy basic but often unfulfilled humanneeds?Outhmes: How does the leader achieve the Outcomes?Research how the leader produces change, for example, how does the leader create new products orservices that customers want or create new approaches to employee relations that result in acompetitive firm?Farms of Communication: Research the forms of communication utilized by the leader in his/herorganization-Interpersonal Communication: Research the oral and written interpersonal communication methodsutilized by the leader.Communication Networks and Womfliiz Resea?ch the leader?s preference for communication innetworks and/or work teams.organizational Communjga_ti_9_n_: Research whether the leader prefers vertical or horizontalcommunicationElectronic Communication; Research how the leader uses electronic communication i.e. E-mail,Internet, corporate intranets, social networking, teleconferencing, telecommuting, virtual globalnetworks, iphones etc. personally and in the organization.!

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