Learning Contract (b) Report Section I

Assessment item 2bLearning Contract (b) Report Section ISubmission method optionsAlternative submission methodTaskAssignment 2(b)?Learning Contract: Report Section IThis assignment consists of Section I of your Learning Contract Report submitted as a draft for feedback and guidance from the markers. It comprises the introduction, literature review, reflections on the literature, and methodology parts of your final report.One step of your methodology must be to collect, and analyse, media (newspaper, TV, radio) reports of stories/examples related to your learning contract topic. For example, if you choose ethics then you would collect reports on ethical conduct and ethical issues in businesses and organizations.See ?Part C ? Writing Up Your Learning Contract Final Report? (at the end of Assessment 2c) for details on how to set out and what to include.Also check Interact resources/Assessment Information for ?Guide for writing a literature review? and ?Guide for interviews?This report is graded (20%). You need to be given general approval from your marker before proceeding further with your contract.RationaleThis assessment allows you to choose a leadership issue that is of interest and relevance to you to enable you to be more effective in your current role or in a future career role.This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:be able to demonstrate an understanding of current leadership issues;be able to synthesise a position in relation to the issues covered;be able to demonstrate an understanding of the interface between management and leadership;be able to demonstrate an understanding of the complexities involved in holistic leadershipMarking criteriaAssessment 2(b)? Evidence of reading from a variety of relevant and recent sources;? Identifying and synthesising the main themes and ideas emerging from your readings;? A good understanding of the literature in the area you are researching;? Reflections on your readings need to show what you have learned in relation to your contract goal;? Two to four clear strategies that will help you move towards your learning goal; and? In-text referencing and reference list in line with APA style of referencing.More detailed explanation of the marking criteria and standards may be found in the marking rubric on the following page.My Assessment item 2aLearning Contract (a) ? Proposal mark was very low i wii upload itand Teacher reviews.

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