Learning outcomesDescribe and

Learning outcomesDescribe and explain strategic and short-term planning processes and their importance in management.Identif y anddiscuss v arious types of financial accounting and control methods.Graduate AttributesAbility to communicate Critical appraisal skillsAbility to generate ideasAssignment InstructionsThis assignment comprises an individual written report.Select two business plans fromthe following websites, or elsewhere:http:lfwww.businessplanarchiv e.orghttp:lfwww.bpIans.com http:llwww.businesspIans.orgAnalyse and evaluate them (including comparisonlcontrast between the two), the report should include:A brief description.Identification of the three strongest components of each plan (and why) Identification of the three weakest components of each(and why) Suggestions on how the business plans could have been improvedList of challengesfaced and how you ov ercame them A statement of five lessons you have learnt about business planning!

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