leisure and tourism

leisure and tourismDetails of the assignment task(s) to include:You work for a large Hotel based in Bournemouth, which has recently conducted an investigation into customer opinions via a questionnaire (See Appendix 1 for thestatistical results). In a typical year the number of customers to the Hotel would be approximately 8,000. The investigation was carried out by asking 500 customers tocomplete the questionnaire over a two-week period in the middle of August. The manager of the Hotel also wishes to make use of some recently produced regional economicdata in order to consider future growth programming. These are given in Appendix 2.1) Analyse and evaluate the results set out in Appendix 1 and give your recommendations as to what could be done in relation to customer satisfaction.2) Examine the economic data given in Appendix 2 and comment on how they might impact on any development plans the Hotel might be considering in the medium termAPPENDIX 1Q1. Sex of respondentM F300 200 Q2. Age of respondent18-25 26-44 45-64 65+88 90 120 202Q3. How do you rate the room tariffs you were charged?Cheap About right Too expensive300 102 98 Q4. How do you rate the service given to you by staff?Poor Satisfactory Good Very good Excellent60 180 100 90 70Q5. How do you rate the products and services of the Hotel?Unsatisfactory Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent25 80 110 105 180 Q6. How far did you travel to reach the Hotel?Category RespondentsUnder 20 miles 820-39 miles 2240-60 miles 6061-80 miles 7881-100 miles 105101-150 miles 130151-350 miles 97Cross tabulation of sex for answers to Question 5:Rating Sex of respondents Row totalMale Female

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