Lennies Self Defense This book is called Of

Lennies Self Defense This book is called Of Mice and Men and the author is John Steinbeck. It has been assumed that Lennie broke Curlys hand out of self-defense. Curly thought that Lennie was laughing at him but Lennie was laughing at a different topic. Curly assumes that Lennie was laughing at him, and Curly was throwing punches at Lennie. Then Lennie caught one of his hands and effortlessly crushed Curlys hand. I believe Lennie broke Curlys hand out of self-defense because he didnt know what else to do, He didnt think clearly, and he did what he knew to do. He didnt think clearly because of three reasons. One is, was when he was little he was hit in the head by a horse. There was a different topic in the room before Curly walked in. Last, different people in the room were saying one thing and the other tell him to do another. He did what he thought to do because of three reasons. First, got hit by Curly and thought it was fun. He grabbed Curlys hands to deflect his punch. Last, He made sure he would stop Curly. He didnt know what else to do because of these three reasons. First he is a little slow in the head from the incident with the horse. When he kept on getting hit him was confused of the situation and he got hurt. I consider Lennie breaking Curlys hand out of self-defense, because of the accident with the horse and the fact he is slow. …

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