Linda Vista Simulation Game

Linda Vista Simulation GameEthical Lenses (for example the Result lens Rights and Responsibility lens ) If you scroll down in the link provided, it explains to you what the ethical lenses are. Please answer the Question below, and try to mention One of the ethical lenses in the essay. But make sure it is NO MORE than 450 words.A brief overview: This is a simulation game where you currently live in a city called Linda Vista, you are an employee working in a company. a Bill (or law) is about to be passed in this city, will you support it or not.The BILL (LAW) is:Known as the "Prevent Hazing Act:"WHEREAS the United States of America has laws that prevent business entities from knowingly providing material support to criminals,WHEREAS the City-State of Linda Vista has fraternal organizations that have historically been prone to hazing, a crime,It shall be unlawful for any business entity in the City-State of Linda Vista to employ any citizen who is a member of a fraternity or sorority that has been accused of or substantially proven to have hazed any individuals. The Secretary of State may levy a fine of no less than LVD$ 300 to any business entity who employs any such individuals.Further, the Secretary of State shall give, as reward, LVD$ 200 to any individual whose reporting of a firm of knowingly supporting an organization that hazes leads to the levying of a fine.Question to Answer: is it ethically required, permissible, or not permissible for a business entity to knowingly do business with an entity or person who violates the ethical norms of the business entity?s society? To illuminate the question, I recommend you ask yourself when it would be right or when it would be wrong for a US business to bribe officials or pay "employee protection fees" to terrorist or criminal organizations in order to do business overseas.Please as mentioned above, No more than 450 words (Exactly).

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