Literary Devices

Literary Devices Essay AssignmentDirections: Writers use literary devices to breathe life into their stories. Characterization, setting, mood,personification, imagery, etc., are just some of the tools writers have at their disposal. Examine how theauthors in this unit employed literary devices to entertain, educate, and marvel their readers. Present youranalysis in a formal five-paragraph essay that addresses the following question: How do the authors in thisunit use literary devices to bring their pieces to life?Note: This assignment requires a careful review of this unit?s work including a review of literary devices.Use the prewriting portion of the drafting process to consider the works that most gripped you and why. Forexample, how did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle use mood to enhance suspense in The Hound of the Baskervilles? Whatimagery guides the poetry of Pablo Neruda? How does the tone in Sarojini Naidu?s The Call to Evening Prayercomplement the text? Let these types of questions guide your prewriting. Once you have completed your initialreflection, consider how you will organize your essay. Will you organize your paragraphs by story or byliterary device? At a minimum you must discuss three literary devices and three different works. A guidelineof the five-paragraph essay structure is included for your quick reference. A more complete resource isavailable from Purdue University at: http:/ checklist. Does your essay?Thoughtfully answer the essay questionShow understanding of the author?s use of literary devicesAppraise a minimum of three literary devices and three textsPrepare an introductory paragraph complete with thesis, background information, and broad guiding question orideaInclude three body paragraphs each with a topic sentence, three pieces of evidence, proper citation, clearlogic, and a concluding sentenceProvide a concluding paragraph with argument summation and a restating of the thesis.Employ the standards of good written English!

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