Literary History and the Concept of Literature

Literary history and the concept of literature I From the 1970s much has been said about the writing of history and literary history that has cast doubt on its intellectual For Hayden Metahistory included an influential analysis of the metaphorical foundations of 19th century history In Lyotard criticized grand narratives in La Condition postmoderne Postmodern and in 1992 David Perkins presented a whole array of sceptical epistemological and methodological arguments directed against literary history in Is Literary History The questioning of literary history has not however resulted in the abandonment of rather it has inspired attempts to base such ventures on better designs and better Not many new ideas about the field have been put forward in connection with the preparation of two major works of literary history sponsored by the It is also natural to point to two theoretical publications from the collection of Rethinking Literary edited by Linda Hutcheon and Mario and Marcel and John brief presentation of the ideas behind a history of literary cultures in The Swedish project and Literary History in Global which was started in 1998 and will terminate in focuses specifically on some theoretical problems associated with the writing of literary We who

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