Live Performance Audio Production Analysis

Live Performance Audio Production AnalysisThis is the instruction of my course work? Live Performance Audio Production AnalysisCheck out and view a DVD of a live performance or find a full performance on Youtube.Selections must be from this century (2000 to present). You will be required to analyze the technical portions of the live audio component of the performance. These components will include the audio personnel, audio companies listed in the credits, and technology.Technologies to be identified include wireless microphone and In Ear Monitor systems, speaker types and applications, consoles and more. If the technology cannot be determined by viewing the DVD, you should use the media center, magazines in the library or Internet to find a tour profile of the performance. Then, compile your findings into a brief show profile.Acceptable formats: Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, PPT or Keynote, PDF, Presi, etc.Citations:Include a full reference to the DVD or performance itself and also any sources you use to complete the show profile. Citations should be in APA format.Son of Citation Machine ( Follow the instructions link.Example from a Website:Jennings, S. (2013, January 01). Barbra streisand: Back to brooklyn tour. Mix Professional Audio and Music Production, Retrieved from resource sites: as much information from the list below as possible.1) Personnel:a) Audio Company(1) System Engineer/Crew Chief(2) Monitor Technician(s)(a) RF Technician(3) P.A. Techsb) Band Engineers(1) FOH Engineer(s)(2) Monitor Engineer(s)2) Consolesa) FOH ?quantitiesb) Monitor ?quantitiesc) Otheri) Broadcast, Simulcast, Webcast3) FOH Speaker Systema) Quantitiesb) Techniques and usagei) Main Hangii) Side Hangiii) Front Filliv) Subwooferv) Delayvi) Other4) Monitor Systems useda) Monitor Wedges/Subwoofers/Sidefillsi) Quantitiesb) In Ear Monitorsi) Quantitiesc) Tactile Transducersi) Quantitiesii) Application5) Microphones used and placement techniques.i) Application for each instrumenta) Close Miked, On or Off-Axis, etc.(1) Vocals ? Headset, handheld, lavaliere, etc.ii) Placement Technique(1) Drums ? Overhead vs. underhead. Triggers? Sub-kick.(2) DJ?

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