Living Someone Else?s Dream Is Burying Your Own

Introduction1.1 Background of the studyThere was once man who hoped to become a doctor when he was all grown up and able to make his own decisions. He was however not able to live his dream because his father could not pay his university fees. So he worked at the farm and inherited it when his old man died. The desire in him burnt with urge and he swore that he change this predicament into a satisfaction.When he reached the age of forty, his son came home hailing an envelope from the top university in his town filled with surprise but more joy that he had been offered a scholarship. He would finally achieve his ambition of living his own dream. Since he was fourteen, he admired his uncle?s skill in the court as a lawyer. But to his face dropped when his father said he would not pay for anything other than a Degree in medicine. Four years later, the young man flung the door to his father?s office, dropped the degree on the desk and said, ?here is your degree can I become a lawyer now??Most of our lives have turned out like the young man whose dreams to become a lawyer were shuttered by his father?s desire to become a lawyer.Statement of the problemRecruiters in the world come across job applicants who only end up doing more of the talk and less of the walk. This is because they do not display the qualities same qualities they talked about at the interview when given the opportunity to prove themselves. This has led to increased losses and the one rotten potato leads to the collapse of the whole firm. Research in the past has concluded that most of these cases are due to lack of interest in the position the individual holds in the firm.Though it does not have to get all bright students employed in top companies but needs a balance in the brains and talents at every department. This case study will focus on a particular institution inAfricathat has stood out of the crowd simply because it gives talents the upper hand. Liana?s talent factory specializes in getting street boys from the garbage and helping them embrace their talents.However, they have not been able to fully achieve their goals because they were forced into a living someone else?s dream by their parent?s decisions.1.2 Objectives of the study1.2.1 General objectives The main objective of this research is to obtain the significance of living someone else?s dream and burying your own.1.2.2 Specific objectivesTo find out how living how living someone?s dream affects your specialization.To investigate whether talent management is affected by living someone else?s dream.To establish how living someone else?s dream affects your performance in the organization.1.3 Research questionsHow does living someone else?s dream affect your own destiny in life?Does living someone else?s dreamaffect your specialization in your service delivery?Does living someone else?s dream affect the management of your talent?Does living someone else?s dream affect the performance of the organization?1.4 Significance to the study1.4.1 To Liana?s Talent FactoryThe information obtained in this study will be of benefit to Liana?s Talent Factory because it will create awareness to its management on the importance of identifying the children?s individual talents. In return it will improve the interest of what it will do in their future.1.4.2 To the prospective business ownersThis study will help the public especially those who aspire to start their own businesses in future. As a result, they will know the benefits of identifying talent.1.4.3 To Human Resource ManagersThis will help them in formulating the recruitment strategies in a way that focuses on how both the company and the individual employees will benefit from paying more attention to the talent as compared to the content of the testimonials. This will prevent the employers from forcing the employees into living someone else?s dream including that of the employer and incorporate the company?s goals as well.1.5 Limitations of the StudyMaterials and resourcesThe researcher encountered some difficulties in getting the sources required for information relating to the consequences of living someone else?s dream.1.6 Scope of the studyThough there are many individuals who encounter the consequences of living someone else?s dream due to a certain reason, but the researcher managed to concentrate one institution.1.7 Conceptual frameworkA schematic presentation of the inter-relationship between the casual and resultant effect is shown below:2.1 Explanation and literature review2.1.1 Consequences of living someone else?s dream and burying your ownWhen you identify your own dream you are able do what you want to do the best way you can and enjoy it as well. However, some cases and situations force us to bury our own dreams live to get our source of livelihood. It is however no good when you end up losing the fun of the work place because you picked the career that your parent wanted to achieve or because it was more rewarding. When talent management programs are used in identifying talent, the parent helps the child embrace their personal strengths from the tender age. As a result, the organization is able to manage a labour force that knows what they want in life and gets a job that is linked to that dream.2.1.2 SPECIALISATIONHaving a personal interest in the talent and not living someone else?s dream enhances appropriate education in the related courses. This leads to specialization in the position because they not only enjoy the responsibilities but also learn more than just school work.2.1. 3 TALENT MANAGEMENTRealizing your dream will not only help you know who you are but also what you can do. Reynolds(2007). Life is made of ups and downs and it comes a time when people have their own problems and life goals to fulfill. It would be of great advantage if you took the same measures.2.1.4 PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS The most important resource in the organization is the employee and this should be the management?s greatest focus. Finding out how long the applicant has desired to start a career and why they embrace that talent will enhance accuracy and allocation of job positions to those who deserve it more. In return, the organization will be filled of hardworking and happy employees. This move will lead to the growth of both the employer and the employee.ConclusionNothing brings greater joy to an individual like knowing their strengths and weakness. Life is short and it can only give you one chance to live your life. Take it seriously and impact other?s lives by living yours to the maximum. Know your talents well.Category: Research Paper

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