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Table of contents: Introduction3 New Internal Control Requirements4 Positives & Negatives.4 Recommendation on Ink Machine5 Summery & Conclusion..5 Work Cited..6 Introduction The purpose of this report is to show the importance of internal controls for LJB Company if its decided that the company will go public. Through out the document three major topics will be address. The first being, a reviewing of new internal control requirement before the company goes public. Secondly, an overlook of the positive & negative policies that affects internal control and its procedures, along with recommendations for the negatives. Finally, an advisement on whether or not the company should buy the indelible ink machine. New Internal Control Requirements New requirements have been placed since 2002 for all publically traded US companies and their internal controls, as stated by Walter T. Harrison, Charles T. Horngren, and C. William Thomas in their book Financial Accounting, VitalSource for DeVry University (p.

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